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Growing Champions for Life is dedicated to providing coaches and parents with the tools and strategies they need for creating the best youth sports experience.

Founder, David Benzel brings his understanding and skill-sets as an elite-level athlete, sought-after leadership coach, and parent to teach inspiring workshops, produce insightful webinars, and create informative content.

Sports Parents

Are you concerned your athlete isn’t working hard enough to reach sports goals? Do conversations about technique and performance end defensively? Have you felt like the coach doesn’t appreciate your child?


Do your efforts get undermined after kids leave practice? Are you concerned about the performance-pressure many parents put on their athletes? Would strategies that guide parents toward a more trusting attitude be helpful?

Sports Administrators

Do you find over-involved parents interfering with coaching decisions? Is there a lack of loyalty to the program? Does negativity from a few critical parents or cynical coaches affect the overall atmosphere of your program?

At Growing Champions for Life, we believe there are many benefits to sports participation. However countless families are not having an enjoyable youth sports experience. At their best, youth sports allow children to:

Have fun | Grasp sports-specific skills | Learn life-long lessons | Get exposed to healthy competition

For the last 10 years, our commitment has been to equip parents, coaches, and sports administrators to play their role well. The goal is to create the most positive learning environments possible — on our teams and in our homes.

We accomplish this with:

  • Workshops that provide inspiration and practical strategies
  • Webinars that address specific sports challenges that parents face
  • Articles to inform, educate, and encourage all the adults involved in youth sports
  • Videos that bring to life the best tips and approaches to healthy sports participation
  • Newsletters that connect you to our resources monthly

YOU can help grow champions for life by becoming a Sports Family Coach.

For the first time in the history of Growing Champions for  Life, David Benzel is training qualified applicants to use the GCFL platform to train others and build a thriving speaking and teaching business.


David provides an invaluable service to parents, coaches, and players with his publication and programs. His message is one that desperately needs to be heard.

Jim Loehr, Co-founder of the Human Performance Institute and bestselling author

“Prepare an athlete for a lifetime, not just a season.”