The Sports Family Corner Podcast #13—Athletes Breaking Bad, Interview With Dr. John Lamothe

July 26, 2020 growingchamp 0 Comments

“We have so many heroes in the sports world, so many figures we look up to—right or wrong—we put them on a pedestal. But there are also a lot of figures that are anti-heroes.” 

In this episode of The Sports Family Corner, David has a lively conversation with professor, author, soccer coach, and sports parent, Dr. John Lamothe. They dive into several of the implications of “bad boys” in sports, which is the topic of Dr. Lamothe’s most recent work, Athletes Breaking Bad.

David and John dig into what behaviors are defined as crossing lines, and how the narrative surrounding an athlete’s activities and lifestyle change depending on the sport, gender, culture, and media attention.

John also transparently shares personal stories from his experiences as a youth soccer coach and sports parent. 

Whether you’re an avid fan of professional athletes or you’re trying to point young athletes toward principled mentors, this episode is rich with insight, encouragement, and practical wisdom.

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