What are you doing when you feel the best about you?
The answer to this question has great significance in your life. It connects what you’re born to do, with how you feel when you’re doing it.

Purpose and joy are tightly linked.

If you’re passionate about youth sports, love the idea of equipping families to have stronger bonds, and want a professional platform to build a rewarding speaking career, then consider becoming a Certified Sports Family Coach.

Founder, David Benzel brings his understanding and skill-sets as an elite-level athlete, sought-after leadership coach, and parent to teach YOU how to present inspiring workshops and have a business of your own.

Two Training Options

Sports Family Coach Certification

Two Day Training

As a Certified Sports Family coach, you will have the training and proven strategies that can transform the lives of the athletes, parents, and coaches you work with.

After 10 years of first-hand experience and intentional study, David Benzel is making his findings available in 3 interactive and powerful workshops. With this training and the follow-up materials, you’ll be able to perform workshops for your sports organization.

Who is this for? Coaches and sports administrators who wish to use the Growing Champions for Life workshops to shape the culture of their organization.

What Will I learn?

Day 1 of Training

  • Learn the history and philosophy of Growing Champions for Life.
  • Understand the key principles for influencing parents, coaches, and athletes.
  • Cover the material in Workshop #1 and learn best practices for delivering it.

Workshop #1: To Push or Not to Push—A Parent’s Dilemma
This cornerstone workshop will prepare you to share David’s positive strategies with parents and help them reduce the pressure placed on their athletes.

Day 2 of Training

  • Cover the information in two more foundational workshops
  • Receive best practices for presenting to coaching groups and athlete groups

Workshop #2: How Credible Coaches Think
This session teaches coaches how to create the most positive learning environment possible. You’ll learn to deliver the tools they need to do this.

Workshop #3: How to Create a Winner’s Mindset
With this entertaining workshop for athletes, you’ll be able to help change the trajectory of an athlete’s career and give them important life-lessons too.

2-days of training➜ $1995.00
Scheduled for February 2020.

Sports Family Coach License

3 Day Training

Does the idea of building your OWN business interest you? Are you passionate about youth sports and the Growing Champions for Life message?

As a GCFL Associate, you’ll get to be a part of an exciting movement to improve the youth sports experience BEYOND your organization.

You’ll get all the great content of the first 2 days of training AND on the 3rd day, David Benzel will teach you the secrets of building a clientele and how to structure your business. You’ll have permission to use all the GCFL logos, marketing materials, and resources. He’ll even provide ongoing training to help you in this entrepreneurial venture.

Who is this for? Entrepreneurs who wish to develop their own clientele and personal income by serving organizations around the globe.

Whole 3-day package➜ $4500.00
Scheduled for February 2020


associates program

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Sports Family Coach?

“Find your sweet spot.”

“Do something with purpose.”

“Be authentic.”

These are all popular mantras we hear today in regards to vocations. Working in a space that utilizes your skill sets, matches your passions, and meets your financial needs is clearly valued.
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