Healthy sports organizations don’t happen by accident. Sport administrators and program directors develop a thriving culture when they create the most positive learning environments possible.

Growing Champions for Life bolsters your efforts with valuable resources so that all the stakeholders—athletes, parents, and coaches—become raving fans of the program.


A cornerstone of the Growing Champions for Life training is our strategic, interactive,  and engaging live workshops. Here are some of the topics that are available for parent and coaching education:

How to Create a Confident Competitor  |  To Push or Not to Push – A Parent’s Dilemma  |  What Your Child Needs to Succeed  |  Focused or Frantic? |  – Getting Your Athletic Family on the Same Page  |  How Credible Coaches Think  |  Turning Parents Into Partners  | Great Coaches Know WHY, Not Just How


One-on-One Coaching for Leaders with David Benzel might be exactly what you need for an extraordinary personal transformation. 

Sort through the issues that threaten your progress or undermine your confidence when credible leadership is essential. The journey will produce a deeper understanding of your strengths, an awareness of your opportunities, and greater confidence for leveraging your gifts.


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How to Replace Confusion with Clarity In Youth Sports Programs

Famous author, speaker, and philanthropist, Steve Maraboli, says,”A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success.” Unfortunately, if you have spent any amount of time involved with an organization that operates in confusion, then you know this to be true.

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4 Strategies for Getting Youth Sports Coaches and Parents on the Same Page

What would you say is the “why” for youth sports participation? Is it to learn and practice self-discipline? Perhaps it is for the socialization it provides, in a healthy environment. Or, would you say that it is to develop a skill that will help to build self-esteem?

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Does Your Youth Sports Program Need a Sports Family Coach?

“A Sports Family Coach has a nice ring to it, but what exactly does it mean?” “And how can it help my sports program?” These are questions that I often get asked and I think it is helpful to understand the “Why” behind the development of this term.

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Growing Champions for Life offers our 125,000 members some great resources on our website. The videos are very professional and offer fresh, relevant content. USA Gymnastics values what David Benzel’s Growing Champions for Life® has to offer.

Loree Galimore, Director of Club Services, USA Gymnastics