As a coach you have to navigate a balance between developing skills, meeting relationship needs, and coaxing young athletes toward excellence—all within the confines of your sports program.

It’s a significant task and an honorable calling.

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3 Ways Coaches Can Keep Youth Sports Fun

In a country where the opportunities to participate in youth sports are endless and the pursuit of athletic achievement is celebrated everywhere, it is hard to understand why there is such a large dropout rate.


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3 Positive Ways to Respond to a Performance Slump

A performance slump is a tough space to travel through – for anyone involved.But as the coach YOU can make a difference in your athlete’s interpretation of what is going on. Your response can lead your athlete in an optimistic and hopeful direction. Or it can cause them to view the future through a more gloom-and-doom lens.

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Coaching Language Builds Up Or Tears Down – What’s the Impact of Your Message?

Every coach has the challenge of working with athletes of varying talents and different work ethics, but one thing is true across the board – the coaching message needs to be positive.


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It was great to see you in Boston (at the PSA Coaches Conference). All of your presentations were outstanding. You are an excellent public speaker. Coaches are very interested in what you have to say. Your topics were very relevant to them and the job they do.

Carol Rossignol, Professional Skaters Association Education and Accreditation Director