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How to Create a Confident Competitor | To Push or Not to Push – A Parent’s Dilemma | What Your Child Needs to Succeed | Focused or Frantic? – Getting Your Athletic Family on the Same Page


How Sports Parents Help Each Child Stand Out in a Sea of Siblings

For all of its wonderful benefits, sports participation does come at a cost to your family. Resources such as time, energy, focus, money, and weekends get used up quickly.


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What Cinderella Teaches Young Athletes About Humility

As parents of young athletes, we are confronted with a sports culture that, very often, confuses confidence with arrogance. This mindset is surely the opposite of humility and does little to develop a healthy team or a mindful athlete.

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Does Your Child See More to Life Than Sport?

We teach our kids that in order to succeed they need to center all their attention on the drills, skills, and techniques that make them good at a particular sport.


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High-performance coaches are frequently skeptical. But our coaches came out of your presentation with a new perspective – analyzing their coaching/teaching methods. I think the epiphany came when coaches realized they were using positive actions as a punishment. For example, ‘making’ a player run laps because they lost a practice game. We are actually teaching them to resent the very actions that make them stronger and better!

It was a wake-up call for the parents, too. You could tell from the questions they were asking that your information was generating introspection. Personally, I wish I had had access to this information and these tools when I was a tennis parent, but hope to use them as a promoter of the sport and to help others.

Bonnie J. Vona, Manager Competitive Tennis, Mid-Atlantic USTA