Invitation to a Growing Champions for Life Live Workshop "Three Steps for Getting Your Athletic Family on the Same Page"

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This month’s Life-Skills Webinar is hosted by David Benzel, founder of Growing Champions for Life. Your athlete is also welcome to attend this event.

Date: Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Time: 9:00 PM Eastern Time, 45-minute live webinar plus Q & A.

Topic: “Three Steps for Getting Your Athletic Family on the Same Page”

Join us as we expose the best-kept secrets of how parents can lay a foundation of values and set a course for a family to triumph and remain cohesive during the youth sports experience.

These strategies will have a positive ripple effect on your family for years to come!

  • Learn how to identify and share a family vision with your children.
  • Establish a compass that gives your children a balanced direction.
  • Discover how to create personal responsibility without nagging.


David will connect the key life skills of the lesson with winning on the field, and in life. The PowerPoint materials are loaded with practical information worth saving for future reference.

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