Coaching in the Age of Covid—Interview With John Lamothe and Samantha Bohon

October 30, 2020 growingchamp 0 Comments

“When routines change, time stands still.”—David Benzel

The great pause of 2020 will probably go down in infamy. Covid 19 has impacted virtually every area of life, making “normalcy” feel like an elusive but treasured concept from the past.

Athletes, coaches, and sports families have had to adjust to the unexpected interruption. In this episode, David gets the front-row perspectives of two soccer coaches, John Lamothe and Samantha Bohon, as they candidly share their coaching experiences in the age of Covid. 

Show Notes 

(4:05) What were your initial thoughts last spring when Covid first made its presence known?

(7:48) “When routines change, time stands still.” How were your athletes impacted mentally by the pause?

(9:50) How did parents in youth sports react?

(11:30) When an athlete decides to quit playing or a season comes to an end, there can be a bit of “grieving” by the family. Was there a similar response due to the Coronavirus and its implications?

(13:20) How did parents on the collegiate level respond?

(14:35) When training schedules and life plans get turned upside down…

(18:50) Did you experience any apprehension once practices started back up? Can 12-yr old’s successfully social distance?

(21:57) Has Covid changed your coaching approach?

(23:50) How important is it for athletes to keep training?

(26:45) Have you become more of a counselor instead of a coach during these unprecedented times?

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