From Good to Great in Four Steps

December 12, 2020 Michelle Wells 0 Comments

“Winning is ending the day just a little better than I was that morning.”

—David Benzel

If you’ve ever wished for a clear, but simple formula to get YOU from where you are, to where you want to be, then you’ll love this episode.

David shares four cornerstones to successfully making the journey from good to great. 

In true storyteller fashion, he brings to life these invaluable steps, through recounting some of his own journey as well as the inspiring moments in the lives of others who’ve achieved their version of greatness. 

Show Notes

(1:45) From Chump to Champ and Rob Gilbert…

(3:51) The story of a determined fly…

(5:53) What’s the change equation?

(7:27) “I looked at my mantle and I noticed I didn’t have any of the things that I thought winners have.”

(9:09) What is winning anyway?

(11:46) Breaking down the first step… Dream Big

(17:31) Breaking down the second step… Aim Accurately

(23:39) Breaking down the third step… Imagine Vividly

(29:25) Breaking down the fourth step… Believe Passionately

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