Is Your Family Built to Last?—The Sports Family Corner Podcast

October 23, 2020 growingchamp 0 Comments

“Wherever two or more are gathered together you have a culture, and it can be by design or by default.”—David Benzel

If you spend any time teaching leadership within organizations, you quickly realize that team members’ common goal is to feel like a family. You can assume that they are after the positive, supportive, and encouraging environments evident in healthy families.

So what exactly does it mean to have a cohesive family?

In this practical episode, David lays out what goes into building a family that will last. He’ll debunk some of the myths surrounding this topic and give you 6 steps toward getting YOUR family on the same page.


(2:00) Organizations,  families, and the feelings that connect them…

(4:20) What are the two sides of the family-culture equation?

(7:00) What myths surround building a family that lasts?

(9:30) Here are the three keys to focus on.

(13:28) Families should have answers to these essential questions…

(16:50) Why do you exist as a family?

(18:20) How will you behave? What is your family’s compass?

(26:00) A six-step process to getting your family on the same page…

(27:05) “We must learn to be directed by our values rather than be driven by our needs, which always are fueled by our fear.”—Larry Smith

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