Q&A With Sports Mom, Jeanie Rahman

November 24, 2020 growingchamp 1 Comments

“We used it as a teaching moment, and when we got to that game he performed better than he had in a long time.”—Jeanie Rahman

Moms are often at the center of the youth sports experience—whether it’s shuttling athletes to and from practice, cheering loudly from the sidelines, washing stinky uniforms, or just keeping the family unit together and moving forward.

In this question and answer episode, long-time sports Mom, Jeanie Rahman joins David to give her perspective. She shares some of their personal stories to illustrate the valuable life lessons families can learn along the way.

Show Notes

(3:50) What do you recommend for a Dad who coaches his own son?

(7:10) Is the car a place where teaching moments can happen?

(8:50) How do you handle negative and critical parents in the stands?

(13:03) My child doesn’t seem to want to work hard at practices. What should I do?

(18:22) My son struggles with feeling inferior due to his size, what can we do to help him?

(20:45) If my child makes a mistake during a game he gets quite pessimistic. How can we help him turn it around?

(25:47) Our child seems obsessed with her sport? Is this healthy?


Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman, Ph. D.

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