The Sports Family Podcast #10—Develop the Leader Within Your Child

June 17, 2020 growingchamp 0 Comments

In 1949, thirteen smokejumpers tragically lost their lives in a wildfire in Mann Gulch. 

As the U.S. Forest Service reviewed the circumstances regarding the disaster, there was some controversy surrounding how Foreman Wagner Dodge responded. Ultimately his actions saved his life and could have saved the lives of others, but unfortunately, they did not follow his lead.

In this episode, David shares the compelling, true story of what happened on that deadly day and uses it to shed light on 2 styles of leadership.

You’ll learn what 3 questions are always asked of a leader in order to earn credibility. And you’ll also discover what 2 emotions can cause someone to lose credibility. 

Developing leadership qualities in our kids sets them up for success on their athletic journey as well as in all their other life accounts.


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