The Sports Family Podcast #14—How to Build a Rock-Solid Relationship With Your Child

August 22, 2020 growingchamp 0 Comments

“The voice of influence is far more effective than the hand of control.”—David Benzel

Get ready to take a deep-dive into a pivotal parenting issue—how much control to exert when raising children. Based on two of his favorite books, Choice Theory and Parenting With Love and Logic, David delivers a framework that parents can use as they help their kids learn to make good choices.

You’ll learn about:

  • Three areas that make up a child’s “quality world”
  • Two primary approaches that parents take to resolve situations
  • When children should have the freedom to choose and what should be non-negotiable


If you ever feel like your relationship is at risk, for the sake of “being right,” then you’ll love the insight and strategies David shares in this episode of The Sports Family Corner.

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